Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gucci July 2010 fashion billboard...

Gucci July 2010 fashion billboardThis Gucci fashion billboard mysteriously appeared replacing James Franco's new Gucci male fragrance billboard for about a day in July, then promptly disappeared again.

It's certainly an arresting visual and very fashion editorial, but maybe it was the thought of coats in the middle of a heatwave, when all other clothing brands are advertising swimwear, that caused the sudden removal of the creative.

This stylish billboard was snapped on July 14, 2010 along Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.
Gucci July 2010 fashion billboard


  1. This one is good. Have you noticed the "Gucci by Gucci" billboard on Sunset as you're heading east? I think it's so odd that they have the 2 different uses of Gucci in such different fonts. Someone from their corporate office must have a rule about "by Gucci" is always in a one font, and the brand manager of this scene much have in mind a different one for the product brand. Anyone, is an interesting view.

  2. Do you mean this one?

    I think it's Gucci by Gucci Sport? But still very confusing I agree!


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