Tuesday, July 20, 2010

James Franco Gucci male fragrance billboard...

Gucci male model fragrance billboard
James Franco looks pretty sexy dripping wet in this new male fragrance billboard for Gucci by Gucci Sport Pour Homme.

Apparently the enigmatic actor is the new face of the first male Gucci fragrance and his striking features really do catch your eye as you drive along below L.A.'s infamous Chateau Marmont hotel on Sunset Boulevard.

This fashionable billboard was snapped on July 9, 2010.
James Franco Gucci fragrance billboard


  1. Nice shot he looks handsome,anyway I use gucci as my perfume and i love the scent. :)


  2. Franco actually looks better in print than he does on the billboard. He still looks pretty food though. There's a new Gucci billboard up in L.A. BTW!


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