Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Twilight Eclipse Jacob, Bella and Edward billboards...

Twilight Eclipse movie billboards
Whether you're team Jacob, Bella or Edward, there's something for everyone in these billboards for the new movie Eclipse, the third installment in The Twilight Saga.

In this film Bella Swan's vengeful vampire nemesis 'Victoria' catches up to her and she must choose between the loves in her life, Edward the vampire and Jacob the werewolf, whilst facing even more danger.

For the billboards the movie's marketeers have obviously learned to use the biggest assets of the franchise up big and bold this time around.

Taylor Lautner as werewolf 'Jacob Black'
Twilight Eclipse Jacob movie billboard
Kristen Stewart's angst ridden 'Bella Swan'
Twilight Eclipse Bella movie billboard
Robert Pattinson's vampiric 'Edward Cullen'
Twilight Eclipse Edward movie billboard
These impactful Twilight Saga billboards were photographed at Hollywood & Highland on June 4, 2010.

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