Sunday, June 20, 2010

BONUS WEEK: Corona Extra beach billboards...

Corona Find your beach billboardWelcome to another BONUS WEEK here at Daily Billboard where you get two billboards for the price of one.

The imagery in both these advertisements for Corona Extra is so inviting and tranquil, you can just imagine yourself transported to that idyllic beach to relax with a refreshing, chilled beer.

These two creatives are part of a bigger campaign (including a Happy Cinco de Mayo billboard), which conveys a cool and laid-back lifestyle.

There's also a fun, playfulness about the beach based billboards too, which combined with the simple and beautiful visual really catches your eye.
Corona Extra online billboard
These Corona Extra billboards were photographed on June 9, 2010, along Sunset Boulevard and on 29 March, 2010 at Santa Monica and Westwood Boulevard, respectively.
Corona Find your beach billboards
UPDATED: Two years later here's the same 'Find your beach' campaign which has evolved to be by day or night wherever you are, in a city, a bar or by a swimming pool.
Corona Find your beach bar billboard
Corona Find your beach poolside billboard
Corona Find your beach city billboard
This trio of beer billboards was snapped along Highland Avenue on the side of the Hollywood & Highland Center on June 24, 2012.
Corona Extra Find your beach billboards
UPDATED: In addition to this trio of ads, here's also two of the creatives in the standard landscape format.
Find your beach Corona billboard
One was snapped above Mel's Drive-in Diner along Sunset Boulevard, whilst the other was snapped further east above on Saddle Ranch Chop House on July 7, 2012.
Corona beer billboard
UPDATED: Here's more evidence that Corona's 'Find your beach' campaign is in full swing from around the streets of San Francisco.
Corona billboard San Francisco
There seem to be many more wall murals than traditional vinyl billboards in the City by the Bay, and these two examples for the beer brand were snapped on July 30, 2012.
Corona Find your beach billboard San Francisco

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