Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST The Finale TV billboard...

LOST The Finale TV billboard
So this is truly the end of LOST? No more black smoke monster, no more Others, no more shadowy Dharma Initiative, whispering voices, polar bears rampaging through the jungle, moving islands, evil Ben, mad French woman, Jack, Kate, Sawyer?

Finally we'll get answers, or will we? Is the island purgatory and they are all dead, is it a scientific experiment, an alien spaceship, or will they all just wake up in the shower and it'll all have been a really bad dream?

Whatever happens Daily Billboard is glad to have gotten the chance to snap this series finale billboard along Barham Boulevard in Burbank on May 21, 2010, as the cast promotional image has become such an iconic visual that DB's sure it will have a special place in the annuls of TV pop culture history and be emulated many times over in years to come.

Let's just hope we won't be still lost about the mysteries of the series after this two and half hour finale event.
LOST series finale billboard

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