Friday, May 7, 2010

Giant Iron Man 2 film billboard...

Giant Iron Man 2 film billboard
Even though Iron Man 2 may have opened in cinemas in other territories in advance of the USA, you don't often get a chance to see gigantic billboards like this Iron Man suit of armour back in the UK.

It's amazing when you think how recognisable the Marvel Comics character has become since the success of his debut movie in 2008, considering he was never as iconic a comic book hero or as deeply imbedded in the pop culture consciousness as Spider-man, the Hulk, Batman or Superman.
Iron Man 2 billboard
This impactful wall billboard was photographed on the side of the Andaz Hyatt Hotel along Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood on April 17 and a sunnier April 26, 2010.

Check out photos of the new Iron Man 2 suit on display at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props.
Giant Iron Man 2 billboard

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