Monday, March 1, 2010

OSCAR WEEK: District 9 movie billboards...

District 9 movie billboards
It's nice to see so many sci-fi movies recognised at the Academy Awards this year from James Cameron's box office juggernaut Avatar to J.J. Abrams reinvention of the Star Trek universe. The movie that really stood out in 2009 for bringing a fresh approach to sci-fi, beyond special effects and an established franchise, was Neill Blomkamp's District 9.

Daily Billboard likes the quirky localised billboard campaign they used to promote the movie. 'Sunset & Vine for humans only!', indeed.

District 9 is nominated for four Oscars this year, for the coveted Best Picture, Film Editing, Visual Effects and Writing (Adapted Screenplay).

These billboards were photographed opposite the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood on August 4, 2009.

UPDATED: This additional witty anti-alien teaser billboard was snapped along Wilshire Billboard on July 28, 2009.
District 9 viral movie billboard

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