Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maker's Mark Extras Wanted billboard...

Maker's Mark bourbon Extras Wanted billboard
This ad for Maker's Mark bourbon whisky made Daily Billboard smile with its play on words 'Extras Wanted'. We're sure bourbon lovers would want more once they tasted it and the humour works especially well in Hollywood, where there is a wealth of aspiring actors on hand waiting for their big break.

The creative is quite simple, but really stands out along Sunset Boulevard with the tops of the three bottles breaking out from the top of the billboard and catching your eye as you drive or walk past.

It can even be seen from afar when you are walking at Runyon Canyon and looking down at the sprawling L.A. basin. The billboard was photographed on the corner of N Gardner Street on March 12, 2010.

UPDATED: Here's another example of the special extension Maker's Mark billboard snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard on March 29, 2010.
Extras Wanted Maker's Mark billboard

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