Thursday, February 22, 2018

McMafia series premiere TV billboards...

McMafia series premiere billboard
A title like McMafia immediately makes you think of the criminal underworld of a fast food chain, where contraband burgers are smuggled under the counter and ingredients are chopped into tiny pieces for disobeying orders. Lettuce too limp, chop. Tomatoes not ripe, chop.
McMafia series premiere billboards
In reality the title refers to AMC's shadowy new thriller about an English-raised son of Russian mafia exiles who find himself drawn into the global criminal underworld when a murder unearths his family's past.
McMafia TV series billboard
McMafia series launch billboard NYC
James Norton plays 'Alex Godman' in the British eight-part mini-series which is inspired by the 2008 non-fiction book, McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld by Misha Glenny.
McMafia TV series billboard
The landscape series launch billboard with its pie chart of crime was first snapped along West Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard on February 4, whilst the street level version was spied in Manhattan at 29th Street and 7th Avenue on February 15, 2018.
McMafia series launch billboard
Meanwhile the trio of McMafia billboards was spotted at Hollywood's Sunset & Vine on February 20, 2018.
McMafia series launch billboards
However knowing what we know now about Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election, it's hard to stomach any drama at the moment which features too many Russians going about their nefarious business.
McMafia TV billboard West Hollywood

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chris Rock Tamborine comedy special billboards...

Chris Rock Tamborine Netflix comedy special billboard
After ten years absence, comic Chris Rock is back with a new deeply personal comedy special on Netflix called Tamborine.
Tamborine Will you play teaser billboard
The event is part of a growing list of high-profile standup specials from the streaming giant, and they reportedly paying $40 million for two comedy specials from the comedian, so it's no wonder the new special was wrapped up in mysterious marketing and teased with an enigmatic tamborine theme to get as many people wondering about the project as possible.
Chris Rock Tamborine billboard
The teaser 'Will you play?' tamborine billboards were snapped along the Sunset Strip and Hollywood Boulevard on February 8, 2018.
Rock Tamborine Netflix billboard
Meanwhile the 'Rock' reveal billboards were snapped in Times Square, Manhattan and along Sunset Boulevard and Highland Avenue from February 15 to February 20, 2018.
Will you play Tamborine billboard
Fans of the comedian can also check out this billboard for Chris Rock when he hosted the Oscars in 2016.

With insightful observations about growing up black in America, racism, gun control, politics, parenting, sex and cheating during his marriage, the comedian still has a lot to say in funny ways and definitely continues to march to the beat of his own tamborine.
Chris Rock Tamborine Netflix billboard Times Square

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Atlanta season two TV billboards...

Atlanta season 2 billboard
Donald Glover may have been off playing in a galaxy far, far away as a young 'Lando Calrissian' in the Star Wars Han Solo prequel movie, but the creator, writer, director and star of FX's Atlanta is finally back for a second season.
Atlanta season 2 billboard
Entitled 'Robbin' Season', referring to the time during the festive holiday season when crimes increase exponentially when people often have packages stolen off their front steps and things are more desperate and tense, the sophomore season will focus on how the characters transition from their old lives to coping with money and fame, continuing to follow Glover's Princeton dropout 'Earnest "Earn" Marks' and his aspiring rapper cousin 'Alfred "Paper Boi" Miles' (Brian Tyree Henry) as they navigate the city's music scene.
Atlanta season 2 billboard
These season two billboards also featuring Zazie Beetz and Lakeith Stanfield were snapped along the Sunset Strip, Hollywood Boulevard and Pico Boulevard from February 3 to February 8, 2018.

Plus fans of the FX show can also enjoy these Atlanta season one billboards.
Atlanta season 2 billboard
After winning two Golden Globes and two Emmys, let's see if Atlanta can continue to create exciting fresh television viewing and comedy gold with its all-new episodes.
Atlanta season 2 FX billboard

Monday, February 19, 2018

UnREAL season three TV billboards...

UnREAL season 3 billboard
Lifetime's UnREAL is back for a third season to prove who's boss and hoping to redeem itself for a muddled and disappointing sophomore season.

This season it's back to basics for Constance Zimmer's executive producer 'Quinn' and show producer Shiri Appleby's 'Rachel' as they manipulate their reality dating show 'Everlasting' behind-the-scenes for maximum drama and ratings.
UnREAL season 3 Lady boss billboard
In this outing it's tech mogul 'Serena' (Caitlin Fitzgerald) who's trying to find true love amongst a plethora of male suitors, but will they be attracted to a woman who's more successful than them.

These season three billboards for UnREAL were snapped along Westwood Boulevard, Vine Street and San Vicente Boulevard from February 4 to February 8, 2018.
UnREAL season 3 boss billboard
Fans of the show can also enjoy all these previous season promo and awards consideration billboards for UnREAL.

It's sad that some people equate smoking cigars with being successful because of their expensive cost, they can still cause throat and lung cancer, but here a few other examples where they've been used in ads, including these billboards for The Boss movie and this Amy Schumer Live at the Apollo billboard.
UnREAL season 3 billboard
Can the Emmy-nominated series recapture the magic of the critically-acclaimed first season and go on to run as long as shows like The Bachelor (now in its twenty-second season), or will its rose wither and die and be sent home.
UnREAL season 3 Lady boss billboard

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver season five TV billboards...

Last Week Tonight John Oliver season 5 billboard
How many times in the past eighteen months have you just needed a moment, to gather your thoughts or simply bang your head against your desk in utter disbelief.
Giant Last Week Tonight John Oliver season 5 billboard
This key art for the fifth season of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver really captures the exasperated feeling of a nation, or quite possibly the world, with the current administration in the White House.
Last Week Tonight John Oliver season 5 billboard
Every day seems to bring some new hell and sadly, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, fresh comedy fodder for late-night satirical shows who make their living getting laughs out of usually stuffy politics, news and current events.
Last Week Tonight John Oliver season 5 billboard Sunset Strip
These hilarious season five billboards (yes hilarious, as consider how hard it must be to make a bespectacled British man in a suit sitting behind a desk funny season after season) were snapped along Bundy Drive and Sunset Boulevard from January 27 to February 11, 2018.
Last Week Tonight season 5 billboard
Fans of John Oliver's HBO show can also compare these outdoor ads to his previous season promo billboards for Last Week Tonight.
Last Week Tonight John Oliver 5 billboard
Let's hope it won't be long until we can get through a day without repeating to ourselves 'everything is fine' over and over. It's almost Mueller time.
John Oliver HBO season 5 billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a season five billboard spotted in Times Square in Manhattan on February 15, 2018.
Last Week Tonight John Oliver HBO 5 billboard NYC

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Irreplaceable You film billboard...

Irreplaceable You film billboard
If you're looking for a good cathartic cry this weekend then maybe Netflix's new romantic comedy drama Irreplaceable You will do the trick.

In the movie The Cloverfield Paradox's Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays 'Abbie', a young woman about to marry her elementary school sweetheart (played by Game of Thrones Michiel Huisman). Looking forward to their life together and also thinking she's expecting his child, at the doctor's the couple receive the devastating news she's actually got terminal cancer.
Irreplaceable You Netflix billboard
Rather than dwelling on the inevitable, Abbie starts auditioning replacements to share their life with her boyfriend if she can't, plus attends patient group therapy with the likes of Christopher Walken, Steve Coogan and Kate McKinnon.

This sweet movie billboard was spotted above Westwood Boulevard on February 4, 2018.
Irreplaceable You billboard
Clever fans of Gugu Mbatha-Raw can also spy her on this giant billboard for Disney's Beauty and the Beast movie, whilst admirers of Michiel Huisman can check out these movie billboards for The Age of Adaline.

Here's hoping this weekend weepy hits the spot and remember, life's too short to worry about the future, enjoy the here and now while you can.
Irreplaceable You movie billboard

Friday, February 16, 2018

Mozart in the Jungle season four TV billboards...

Mozart in the Jungle season 4 billboard
In the fourth season of Mozart in the Jungle, Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal's 'Rodrigo' and Lola Kirke's 'Hailey' take their romance public.

In these all-new episodes the Maestro is having difficulty finding his inspiration, whilst Hailey struggles to move on from playing the oboe in an orchestra and make it as conductor.
Mozart in Jungle season 4 billboard
The new season of the Golden Globe and Emmy-winning dramedy also sees the return of Malcolm McDowell, Bernadette Peters, Saffron Burrows, Hannah Dunne and Debra Monk as those associated with the New York orchestra and their friends, and new faces in guest stars Masi Oka and Michael Emerson.

These season four sheet music billboards were snapped above Westwood Boulevard and along Melrose Avenue from February 4 to February 8, 2018.
Mozart in the Jungle season 4 billboard
If you're a fan of the charming Amazon show, you can also enjoy these previous season promo and awards consideration billboards for Mozart in the Jungle.

The jet-setting series has already traveled from New York to Mexico and Venice, Italy, and this time around their adventures take them to Japan, proving again that music can transcend culture, unite people all over the world and has no borders.
Mozart in the Jungle season 4 billboard

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Good Girls series premiere TV billboards...

Giant Good Girls series premiere billboard
In NBC's new crime comedy, Good Girls, Mae Whitman, Retta and Christina Hendricks star as three suburban mothers who are emotionally and financially drained, faced with cheating husbands, sick children in need of expensive transplant drugs and with custody battles to fight.
Good Girls series premiere billboard
They are done playing nice and tired of trying to make ends meet so they decide to rob a local grocery store.

Sounds simple, right? As the saying goes, the best-laid plans of mice and women often go awry.
Giant Good Girls series launch billboard
These Good Girls launch billboards were snapped along the Sunset Strip and Santa Monica Boulevard from January 28 to February 7, 2018. Who wouldn't want a paddling pool full of cash?

Plus fans of Christina Hendricks can see more of her in these Mad Men Emmy consideration billboards.
Good Girls TV series billboard
Whilst it's great to see a strong female-led series, did it really have to be a crime comedy where they are glorifying stealing from people, no matter how desperate, and they are far from good people?

Let's hope this comedy will have more redeeming qualities than its armed robbery premise.
Giant Good Girls season 1 billboard

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Fifty Shades Freed movie billboards...

Fifty Shades Freed movie billboard
Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

What better way to celebrate the day for lovers than with the third and final installment of E. L. James Fifty Shades of Grey cinematic adaptations.
Fifty Shades Freed movie billboard
Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan return to steam up the big screen as 'Anastasia Steele' and 'Christian Grey', but just as the newlyweds prepare to start their new luxurious S&M life together shadowy figures from the past threaten their future.
Giant Fifty Shades Freed film billboard
These Fifty Shades Freed movie billboards were snapped along the Sunset Strip, Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard, San Vicente Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard from January 17 to January 21, 2018.
Fifty Shades Freed billboard
Fans of the sexy film franchise can also enjoy these Fifty Shades of Grey movie billboards and these Fifty Shades Darker billboards.
Fifty Shades Freed movie billboard
Meanwhile you can see more of Dakota Johnson in these How to be Single movie billboards and admirers of Jamie Dornan can indulge themselves with these sultry Calvin Klein fashion billboards.
Fifty Shades Freed film billboard
Don't forget all the romantic essentials today, the red roses, chocolates, candlelit dinners and of course if you're into all things Fifty Shades, handcuffs, leather, pleasure and pain. Enjoy.
Fifty Shades Freed movie billboard
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