Saturday, January 27, 2018

Drunk History season five TV billboards...

Drunk History season 5 billboard
These days it's getting harder and harder not to drink yourself through this period in American history, so it'll be even more interesting in the future when we've survived this waking nightmare to see how people will look back on this Trumpian era.
Even more hilarious would be seeing how Comedy Central's Drunk History would spoof and lampoon this current divisive administration through an inebriated lens (let's hope we all survive that long).

These illustrated season five billboards were photographed along Olympic Boulevard and the Sunset Strip from January 21 to January 23, 2018.
Drunk History season 5 billboard
Fans of the show hosted by Derek Waters can also enjoy these previous fun season promo billboards for Drunk History from recent, saner times.

Now drink up and enjoy the weekend, and don't let anyone try and rewrite American or world history for you with fake news and false facts, no matter how drunk on power they may be.
Drunk History season 5 billboard

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