Monday, November 20, 2017

Coco movie billboards...

Coco movie Pepita cut-out billboard
This Thanksgiving if this world is getting you down and you're looking to be transported to another, better place, then Disney/Pixar have delivered another heartwarming tale to lift your spirits (and no doubt make you cry) with Coco.
Disney Pixar Coco movie billboard
Already breaking box office records in Mexico, this new computer-animated story follows young 'Miguel' (voiced by Anthony Gonzalez), who despite his family's generations long ban on music, dreams of becoming a musician like his idol 'Ernesto de la Cruz' (Benjamin Bratt).
Coco movie billboard
Determined to play at the Dia de los Muertos festival he borrows the guitar of his musical hero from a mausoleum and finds himself magically sent to the Land of the Dead.
Coco movie billboard
There he meets the mischievous spirit, 'Hector' (Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal), and together they embark on a journey to discover the real truth behind Miguel's family history.
Coco movie extension billboard
Coco movie billboard
These colourful movie billboards and wall murals were photographed along Highland Avenue, Beverly Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, Pico Boulevard, Vermont Avenue and Melrose Avenue from November 4 to November 18, 2017.
Coco Ernesto de la Cruz billboard
Giant Coco film billboard
Daily Billboard especially likes the billboard featuring the winged spirit animal, 'Pepita', and in Studio City along Coldwater Canyon and Valleyheart Drive there's even a version of this special extension cut-out which features a patented UV printing process that fluorescently glows in the dark illuminated by black light.
Coco film billboard
Disney/Pixar movie fans can also enjoy these Brave movie billboards, these Inside Out movie billboards, these Finding Dory movie billboards and these Toy Story 3 movie billboards.
Coco Seize your moment mural ad
Meanwhile for more Day of the Dead-inspired ad creatives, make sure you check out these film billboards for The Book of Life.
Coco movie billboard
If you're looking for a film with heart, stunning visuals and a celebration of family and culture this Thanksgiving, then Coco may be just the holiday tonic you're looking for.
Giant Disney Pixar Coco movie billboard

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Search Party season two TV billboards...

Search Party season 2 billboard
"I miss when my problems were about nothing". Anyone else relate to the tagline for the sophomore season of Search Party?
Search Party season 2 billboard
Alia Shawkat is back for a second season of millennial amateur sleuthing as 'Dory Sief' after finding out their missing college acquaintance was perfectly fine at the end of the first season, but now she and her hipster friends are reeling from accidentally killing the private investigator she also had a brief fling with.
Giant Search Party season 2 billboard
These sophomore season ad creatives have a great Hitchcockian feel to them, which is very apt considering the dark comedy has morphed from a mystery into a psychological thriller.
Search Party season 2 billboard
Search Party season 2 billboard
This giant-sized season two billboard was photographed at the border of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills at the start of the Sunset Strip on September 10, 2017.
Search Party season 2 billboard
Meanwhile the wonderful assortment of smaller landscape billboard ads were spotted along the Sunset Strip, Pico Boulevard, Vine Street, Western Avenue and Highland Avenue from November 3 to November 18, 2017.
Search Party season 2 billboard
Fans of the TBS show can also enjoy these season one billboards for Search Party from the streets of Los Angeles and New York City.
Search Party season 2 billboard
Can Search Party continue to garner rave reviews with its return, or will a dead body be the beginning of the end for Dory and her friends.
Giant Search Party season 2 billboard

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Night of Too Many Stars HBO comedy benefit billboards...

Jon Stewart Night of Too Many Stars HBO comedy special billboard
For those of you who miss Jon Stewart on television (and not just when he pops in to guest star on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to rant about and mock the current administration, which is always great fun), this weekend the former host of The Daily Show plays emcee to a Night of Too Many Stars for charity.
Jon Stewart Night of Too Many Stars billboard Sunset Strip
Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Olivia Munn, Ben Stiller, John Oliver, Abbi Jacobson and more actors, comedians and late-night hosts gather together to make you laugh on this HBO benefit and help raise awareness and money for kids and adults with autism.
Night of Too Many Stars HBO billboard
These comedy special billboards were snapped along Sunset Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue from November 8 to November 11, 2017 (although we're sure everyone is now regretting putting Louis C.K.'s name on a balloon so prominently).
Night of Too Many Stars billboard
For more fun balloon ad creatives make sure you also check out these Crazy Ex-Girlfriend billboards, these billboards for The Good Place, these creepy IT movie billboards and these Deadbeat billboards.

Enjoy a night of entertainment and fundraising, and don't forget to donate too.
Night of Too Many Stars HBO billboard

Friday, November 17, 2017

Shameless season eight TV billboard...

Shameless season 8 billboard
After resolving their high-profile equal pay dispute with Emmy Rossum, Showtime's Shameless is back on TV screens for an eighth season this November and back in the skies with this fun ad creative.
Shameless season 8 billboard
The long-running dramedy about the Chicagoan 'Gallagher' clan with the drunken William H. Macy as their dysfunctional dad, 'Frank', based on Paul Abbott's original U.K. series, has already garnered an early renewal for a ninth season with the whole troublesome family set to return.

This special extension cut-out billboard for the eighteen season was snapped along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on November 3, 2017.
Shameless season 8 cutout extension billboard
Fans of the series can also check out all these previous season promo billboards for Shameless in the city skyline from 2010 to date.

How long can Frank survive without the drink and drugs this season and will the Gallaghers thrive or falter in Trump's America, best tune in to get your weekly fix.
Shameless season 8 billboard

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Smoking deaths counter billboards...

Smoking deaths counter billboard
In honour of the Great American Smokeout organised by the American Cancer Society here's a special anti-smoking counter billboard installation that has created a metaphorical stink in L.A.'s skies for many years.
Smoking deaths red counter billboard
Today you can encourage someone you know who smokes to quit for a day, whether it be cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or hookahs, and get them to start living a healthier life without the addictive need for tobacco and reducing their risk from cancer.

Daily Billboard has photographed this clever gimmick billboard over the years and the purple version was snapped along L.A.'s Santa Monica Boulevard on the westside on June 9, 2017, the red version was photographed on June 16, 2014 and the black execution was captured in June 2012.
Smoking deaths black counter billboard
As you can see the counter increases to reflect deaths attributed to smoking as the months pass each year.

Daily Billboard has lost far too many friends and family to heart disease, cancer and smoking-related illnesses, so if you're thinking of quitting, make today the first day of the rest of your life.
Smoking deaths purple counter billboard

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Punisher series premiere TV billboards...

Punisher series premiere billboard
'Frank Castle' aka 'The Punisher' first made his comic book debut in The Amazing Spider-man #129 in 1974 and the vigilante's lethal approach to crime soon made him a Marvel fan-favourite.
Punisher series launch billboard
After headlining several solo comics in the 1980s the anti-hero was first brought to life on the big screen by action star Dolph Lundgren in the 1989 movie, followed by a rebooted live-action movie in 2004 starring Thomas Jane as the titular character and another cinematic offering with Ray Stevenson in 2008's Punisher: War Zone.
Punisher TV series billboard
Last year in the sophomore season of Netflix's gritty street-level superhero series, Daredevil, The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal earned high praise for his depiction of the former damaged Marine out for revenge after his family are gunned down in the crossfire of a gang war in Central Park.
Punisher Netflix series billboard
In his solo spin-off this one-man-war-on-crime is back in action for thirteen episodes sporting his iconic skull design and aided by Deborah Ann Woll's reporter 'Karen Page' and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as 'Micro', a former NSA analyst, as the FBI and CIA have Frank Castle in their sights (and he has everyone else in his).
Punisher series premiere billboard
These series launch billboards for The Punisher were photographed around the streets of L.A., including along Melrose Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard and the Sunset Strip, from November 6 to November 11, 2017.
Punisher season 1 billboard
Fans of the popular Marvel vigilante can also check out these Daredevil season two billboards from 2016.
Punisher skull billboard
Netflix's Marvel television shows have met with mixed reviews over recent years from the highs of Jessica Jones to lows of Iron Fist, so let's see if The Punisher's own solo series can hit the target and live up to and even exceed viewer expectations.
Jon Bernthal Punisher billboard

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Future Man series premiere TV billboards...

Future Man series premiere billboard
Josh Hutchinson's new sci-fi comedy on Hulu finds The Hunger Games star playing a janitor and avid gamer presented with the opportunity to save the future by traveling back to the past.
Future Man series launch billboard
Working as a cleaner at a medical research facility trying to find a cure for herpes by day, he's drafted by visitors from the future when he conquers a video game at nighttime, and finds out it's actually a recruitment tool for the resistance in this series which feels like a mashup of The Last Starfighter, Terminator and Back to the Future (and it knows it).
Future Man cutout billboard
Helping him on his time-traveling adventures are battle-hardened future soldiers Eliza Coupe and Derek Wilson who take him back in time so that the person researching the cure for herpes never contracts it, and so doesn't unwittingly start the countdown to the apocalypse.
Future Man Hulu series billboard
These fun special extension cut-out and standard landscape billboards were photographed along the Sunset Strip, Melrose Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard and Pico Boulevard on November 3, 2017 and the next day.

Josh Hutcherson fans can also enjoy this movie billboard for The Hunger Games.
Future Man series premiere billboard
As this show is from the guys that brought you Sausage Party and This Is The End, including Seth Rogen, you can tell it's not all going to be good clean fun.

As the saying goes, have janitor's mop will travel, time-travel that is.
Future Man season 1 billboard

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper series premiere TV billboards...

Mexico pay healthcare Opposition Jordan Klepper billboard
At certain times of year in Los Angeles there just seem to be too many billboards filling the sprawling city skyline to keep up with, so after gracing the streets and skies for the past few weeks here are a fun selection of billboards for The Opposition with Jordan Klepper.
Opposition Believe me Trust no one billboard
In his new Comedy Central series the comedian supplies us with a faux right wing response to the Resistance to Trump's disastrous presidency, poking fun at all the conspiracy theorists and anti-establishment pundits.
hydrogen in water Opposition billboard
You can just imagine 45 or one of his propaganda mouthpieces spouting something like "Mexico will pay for healthcare" or "The government spends your taxes", "There's hydrogen in the water" (that's a scientific fact) or "China isn't real".
Opposition government spends your taxes billboard
In fact Trump has said some real corkers already, like saying that climate change is a Chinese hoax (scientists around the world and in America say no), that Mexico will pay for the wall (they have stated they won't), that Russia didn't meddle in the latest election (they did), that any negative polls are fake news and that the problems with mass shootings isn't guns but mental health (obviously that's why he revoked Obama's gun checks for people with mental illness). With source material like this, the jokes and parody comes easily.
China isnt real Opposition billboard
These colourful, clever billboards for The Opposition were photographed along the Sunset Strip, Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard and Argyle Avenue from September 22 to November 4, 2017.
Jordan Klepper Solves Guns billboard
Meanwhile, as a bonus here's also a billboard for Jordan Klepper's Solves Guns comedy special snapped along the Sunset Strip on June 2, 2017.
Opposition Believe me Trust no one billboard
For more reactions to Trump's nightmare vision of America, make sure you also check out these billboards for George Lopez's The Wall stand-up special, Stephen Colbert's Emmy consideration billboard for The Late Show and these Full Frontal with Samantha Bee billboards.
Mexico will pay healthcare Opposition billboard
With Democrats enjoying some stellar election results this November, with significant wins for women and diversity, you can see that the United States isn't just made up of white supremacists, homophobes, misogynists and rich people wanting to get richer at the expense of others.

Keep fighting the good fight America, resistance is not futile.
hydrogen in water Opposition billboard
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