Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ozark series premiere TV billboards...

Ozark series premiere billboard
When Netflix launch an original series they really go all out to make it seen in the city skyline, and this outdoor ad campaign for new drama Ozark is no exception.
Ozark series premiere billboard
The blue-green colour scheme, seedy motel room and swimming pool locations and menacing crows certainly gives the show an eerie feel.
Ozark series launch billboard
The dark drama stars Jason Bateman (who also defect several episodes) as a clean-cut financial planner living in Chicago with his wife (played by Laura Linney) and family, who finds himself forced to relocate them all to live in the Missouri Ozarks when he lands in trouble with a Mexican drug lord named 'Del'.
Ozark Netflix series billboard
Ozark billboards Sunset Strip
Ozark series launch billboard
Turns out he's been skimming profits with his business partner from the money they've been laundering for the drug cartel, so with a gun to his head he convinces the crime boss (Esai Morales) that he can return those missing millions.
Ozark Netflix series billboard
With law enforcement agencies keeping Chicago under surveillance he goes off the grid with this family in the Ozarks to start cleaning cash, but the FBI soon starts following the money and dead bodies as things turn deadly.
Ozark season 1 billboard
Things get even more complicated when he soon discovers that the local Ozark business owners may not be the easy marks he took them for.
Ozark series premiere billboard
These dramatic Ozark series launch billboards were spotted around the streets of L.A., including the Sunset Strip and Melrose Avenue, from July 17 to July 21, 2017.
Ozark series premiere billboards
Ozark series premiere billboard
Fans of Jason Bateman can also check out these Arrested Development billboards, this movie billboard for This is Where I Leave You and these Horrible Bosses movie billboards.
Ozark season 1 billboard
Meanwhile admirers of actress Laura Linney can also enjoy these billboards for The Big C television series.
Ozark TV billboard
It looks like Ozark won't be the laugh-a-minute comedy we're used to from Jason Bateman, but that's not a bad thing and Daily Billboard could watch Laura Linney all day, so let the binge-viewing begin.
Ozark bus shelter poster ad

Monday, July 24, 2017

Midnight, Texas series premiere TV billboards...

Giant Midnight Texas series premiere billboard
This summer season it's time to start another chapter in Charlaine Harris' TV storytelling as her best-selling book series Midnight, Texas is adapted for the small screen.
Midnight Texas series launch billboard
Fran├žois Arnaud is a psychic on the run who finds shelter in the remote southern town, which is a place full of secrets and supernatural inhabitants like witches, vampires, angels, assassins and even a talking cat.
Giant Midnight Texas series billboard
The giant-sized launch billboard for the new NBC series was photographed along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on June 27, 2017.
Midnight Texas season 1 billboard
Meanwhile the standard landscape version was snapped further east above Sunset Boulevard on July 11, 2017.

Fans of Fran├žois Arnaud can also enjoy these billboards for The Borgias TV series.
Giant Midnight Texas series premiere billboard
As this eclectic bunch of mysterious outsiders fend off biker gangs, suspicious cops and dangers from their own pasts, the real question is, will they ever become as popular as HBO's True Blood series was.
Midnight Texas TV series billboard

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ballers season three TV billboards...

Giant Dwayne Johnson Ballers season 3 billboard
'If you build it, they will come'. That's pretty much what Daily Billboard's philosophy was when creating this unique blog, and come they did, so welcome one and all.
Ballers season 3 billboard
And when it's the imposing figure of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in an impeccably tailored suit saying it, how could you refuse.
Ballers season 3 HBO billboard
The former pro wrestler and seemingly one of the busiest men in Hollywood (alongside Kevin Hart) is back for the third season of his HBO comedy drama, Ballers.
Giant Ballers season 3 billboard
He reprises his role as 'Spencer Strasmore', a retired professional American Football player who has reinvented himself as a financial manager for current players in sun-drenched Miami, although this season it looks like he's dreaming big and wanting to bring a football team to Las Vegas.
Ballers season 3 billboard
Ballers season 3 billboard
These season three landscape billboards were snapped along Ventura Boulevard, Westwood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard from July 2 to July 6, 2017.
Giant Ballers season 3 billboard
Meanwhile the giant-sized ad creative was photographed looming large over westbound traffic along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on July 15, 2017.
Ballers season 3 billboard
Fans of the show can also enjoy these previous season promo billboards for Ballers, whilst admirers of the actor can also enjoy these Baywatch movie billboards, these Hercules movie billboards, these G.I. Joe Retaliation movie billboards and even these 2016 MTV Movie Awards billboards.
Giant Ballers season 3 billboard
And apparently even Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is a superfan of the show, so how can you resist an endorsement like that to watch the series.

Get ready to ball hard once again.
Ballers season 3 billboard

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Blue wireless Satellite headphones billboards...

crowd surfing flashbacks Blue Satellite headphones billboard
This summer Blue's new outdoor ad campaign for their premium wireless noise-cancelling Satellite headphones evoke nostalgia and a touch of humour to entice you to enhance your music listening experience.
Insane in the membrane Blue Satellite headphones billboard
And from the looks of these all-male ad creative examples these $400 headphones are primarily made for men to enjoy in their man caves.
Emo Blue Satellite headphones billboard
These fun Blue Satellite headphones billboards were snapped along Olympic Boulevard, Highland Avenue and Fairfax Avenue from July 4 to July 7, 2017.
Crowd surfing flashbacks Satellite headphones billboard
For a different approach to advertising headphones, be sure to also check out these colourful Beats by Dr. Dre headphones billboards.
Insane membrane Blue Satellite headphones billboard
Plus for all you headphone-wearers, make sure you enjoy all these music and recording artists billboards entertaining the L.A. skyline in recent times.

However you enjoy the sounds of summer have a rocking weekend.
Emo Blue Satellite headphones billboard

Friday, July 21, 2017

Girls Trip movie billboards...

Girls Trip movie billboard
This weekend if you're looking for a little escapism from troubling world events, maybe a Girls Trip is just what you're looking for.
Giant Girls Trip film billboard
The raunchy R-Rated comedy stars Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish, Jada Pinkett Smith and Queen Latifah as four lifelong college friends rekindling their bond by taking a walk on the wild side to the Essence Festival in New Orleans.
Girls Trip movie billboard
Girls Trip film billboard
We're not sure that the Big Easy is quite prepared for all the drinking, dancing and debauchery that's in store with these fab four ladies.
Girls Trip movie billboard
These fun movie billboards were snapped along Pico Boulevard, La Cienega BoulevardLankershim Boulevard and Highland Avenue from June 28 to July 10, 2017.
Girls Trip film billboard
If you like the idea of a girls night out, then you may also enjoy these Magic Mike XXL movie billboards and this billboard for Vivica's Black Magic TV series.
Meanwhile fans of Regina Hall can check out all these movie billboards, you can see Jada Pinkett-Smith in these Gotham TV billboards and admirers of Queen Latifah can enjoy these TV and film billboards she's starred in.
Girls Trip movie billboard
Daily Billboard forgives you for what you get up to the weekend, so let's hope you don't regret going to watch Girls Trip.
Girls Trip movie billboard

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Giant Britney Spears The Nineties series premiere TV billboard...

Britney Spears Nineties CNN series billboard
If you're ready for Britney Spears to hit you one more time then you're in luck, as The Nineties TV series on CNN is currently flashing back to the past and super-sizing the pop icon along the Sunset Strip.
Giant Britney Spears Nineties CNN billboard
The American pop singer made her debut in 1998 and thanks to a skimpy school uniform, pigtails and a catchy tune, a star was born and history was made.

But that's not all that happened in The Nineties and this original documentary series revisits the other nostalgic cultural pop phenomenons, TV shows, music, fashion, brands, technological advances and world-changing historical events that you may remember (or not) from that decade.
Farah Fawcett Seventies CNN billboard
As a special bonus here's also a billboard for The Seventies installment sporting the beautiful Farah Fawcett spotted along the Sunset Strip on June 2, 2015.

Plus this trio of billboards for The Sixties series which started it all was snapped along Highland Avenue on May 11, 2014.
Sixties CNN series billboard
The impactful giant-sized billboard for The Nineties, from Britney's iconic Rolling Stone cover, was photographed on the side of West Hollywood's Andaz Hotel along the Sunset Strip on July 17, 2017.
Britney Spears Nineties series billboard
Meanwhile fans of the pop singer can also check out all these other Britney Spears billboards from recent years.

What are your favourite memories from The Nineties?

Were you zig-a-zig-ahing to the Spice Girls, was your heart going on with Titanic, getting 'The Rachel' haircut, keeping your Tamagotchi alive, laughing at The Simpsons, melting down with Y2K hysteria, or saying "Whatever!" or "Not!" a lot.
Britney Spears Nineties docu series billboard
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