Thursday, August 14, 2014

Giant Jennifer Aniston Look Up Smartwater billboard...

Giant Jennifer Aniston Look Up Smartwater billboard
Remember the other day when Daily Billboard was bemoaning the fact that the latest ad campaign from Coca-Cola-owned Zico Coconut Water, featuring actress Jessica Alba, pretty much followed the same celebrity-led strategy as Smartwater's campaign featuring Jennifer Aniston as brand ambassador.
Giant Jennifer Aniston Look Up Smartwater billboard Sunset Strip
Well, here's the proof as the former Friends star has returned super-sized to the skies of L.A.'s Sunset Strip for the premium bottled water brand's new 'Look Up' outdoor campaign.

And what do you know, both ads feature an attractive slim Hollywood celebrity, plus both women are wearing white tops and blue jeans against a blue background, just take a look at the giant Zico billboard featuring Jessica Alba to see the similarities.

Now you can see why Daily Billboard thinks that Zico has just become another sanitized brand without an identity of its own.
Giant Jennifer Aniston Smart Water billboard 2014
Having said all that, this ad creative does have a boldness and confidence to it and it's nice to see some colour to mix things up after Smartwater's black and white Jennifer Aniston billboards from previous years.
Giant Look Up Jennifer Aniston Smartwater billboard
This giant-sized wallscape was snapped towering over Sunset Boulevard (giving the local construction workers something to ogle over as the build all the Strip's new hotels) on August 11, 2014.

Smartwater, it's inspired by clouds don't you know, because that's where rain comes from of course you dummy (next thing you know they'll be capturing lightning in a bottle and charging you a small fortune for it too).
Giant Look Up Smartwater billboard Sunset Strip

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