Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Aloha movie billboards...

Aloha movie billboards
After starring in the likes of American Sniper and Birdman, it's no wonder that Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone wanted to do something a bit more fluffy with their next venture.
Aloha movie billboard
In the romantic comedy Aloha, the two Hollywood stars find themselves part of a love triangle alongside the lovely Rachel McAdams.
Aloha film billboard
After ruining a mission, a disgraced Bradley Cooper's defense contractor gets a second chance with his old boss (Bill Murray) on Hawaii and bumps into an old flame (Rachel McAdams), whilst at the same time falling for Emma Stone's U.S. Airforce pilot assigned to watch over him on his new weapons satellite project.

As they say two's company, but three's a crowd, even if you are on magical shores of Hawaii.
Aloha movie billboard
These billboards for the movie Aloha were snapped along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip and Hollywood's Sunset & Vine on May 1, 2015.
Aloha movie billboard
If you're an admirer of Bradley Cooper, you can check him out in these American Hustle movie billboardsAmerican Sniper film billboards and the ad campaign for The Hangover movies.

Fans of Emma Stone can see her in this super-sized Revlon Love is on billboard and these Gangster Squad movie billboards, plus you can also take a look at these Rachel McAdams billboards for About Time, The Vow and Morning Glory.

Will you be saying Aloha to these three in their new movie?
Aloha movie billboards
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