Thursday, October 23, 2014

South Park season eighteen TV billboard...

South Park season 18 Back special installation billboard
Even in its eighteenth season, Comedy Central continues to support the infamous animated sitcom South Park with some fun outdoor ad intrigue.
South Park season 18 Back billboard
Yes, seemingly all the residents of the Colorado town of South Park are 'back' for another ten new episodes, crammed onto this eye-catching installation featuring the instantly recognisable faces of 'Kyle', 'Cartman', 'Stan' and 'Kenny' atop Comedy Central's regular billboard hoarding site along West Hollywood's busy Sunset Strip on October 16, 2014.
South Park season 18 billboard
With an increasing amount of clutter and distraction in the skies of L.A. from all the new construction along Sunset Boulevard it's becoming increasingly important to have billboards that stand out, and Daily Billboard feels eye-catching gimmicks are going to become even more necessary in the future.

If you're enjoying the latest crazy misadventures of these four mixed-up kids and like this ad, be sure to also check out South Park's season seventeen billboard from last year.
South Park season 18 Back billboard
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